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Privacy Policy is giving the highest importance in maintaining the privacy of information about our customers. We want our customers to know what is the personal information that we collect from them and how and where we actually use it and what are the necessary actions have taken to protect that information. Before that, firstly our customers have to know that the services that we provide to them would require their personal details. In the following brief about our privacy policy, we have explained clearly about the reason for collecting your personal information. We do disclose some of your information to the Third parties such as accrediting bodies so that you can get their service and can make use of it. We would use your personal details so that you will be provided with much more information about Tramadol meds and our other services.

privacy policy

Collecting Personal Information

Once you have chosen our website to purchase your tramadol, you have to register with us on our website. During this, we might require some of your information that includes both personal and non-personal information. While filling out your personal details, we ask you to provide your contact number, Email ID, and your residential address. All the information will be secured with high priority and we assure that we do not sell or trade any of the information to any third parties for marketing purpose and will be used only for providing information about the deals and offers at only.


Whenever you visit our website, all your behaviors on our website will be monitored. It includes how you actually use our information provided on our web page. Monitoring your behavior will help us in understanding your requirements and public interests. The information that we monitor will include your URL, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp, IP address and the location on your computer. We save all those information on our server storage in the name of Cookie, which a data file that we create to store information on your computer. You are very much free to disable Cookies on your setting bar.

Disclosing your Personal Information

We will make all the possible necessary steps to limit the usage of your personal details on our website. We do disclose some of your information to the Third parties such as accrediting bodies or organizers as we work with them and from where you will be getting some services that you have just requested. gives you an assurance that your personal information will not be shared with anyone unless it is needed to the extent.

Your Rights

You are very much allowed to print, download our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of our website and you can also request us to provide the printed copy of it at any time. You can also request us to provide a copy of your personal information that is collected on our website at any time. As you know there is high piracy online, all the information that we used to collect from you will be protected in a highly secure manner. You should not disclose any of your account details with anyone, if you lose or share your details with anyone, then we will not be responsible for any damage or misuse or disclosure of your personal details to the third parties.

Content Disclaimer

The contents that are reflected on our website are the thoughts and individual works from our content team and hence none of the information has been copied or reproduced from any other sites. We do not emphasize that not all the contents given on our website are hundred percent true and accurate, it is due to the reason that every information regarding a medication will change each time. The details that are contained on our website has been uploaded only after the immense research from the study and reviewed and approval from the top therapist in the USA.

We hold the authority to this website and hence we have rights to deny access to any specific user, IP, location or domain from reaching our web page due to our terms and conditions and this will keep on changing periodically.